Summer is here and it’s time to get those kids outdoor and keep them entertained. Your kids might find the summer vacation fun for a few days and then they will start getting bored. It is usual to hear many times in a day ‘Mummy, I am getting bored’. They will not find their old toys that interesting. You will have to buy some innovative summer toys to entertain and maybe even encourage them to learn during the process.


Have you ever thought about a quadcopter or drone? If your kid loves adventure, it will be an amazing summer toy for them. You can find a good comparison of a few different models at, some are more professional and meant for videography and a little expensive for kids to play with! These days quadcopters are coming with many improved features to make flying easy for young kids. You will have a remote control to manage your drone. There will be LED lights for nighttime flights. Besides, they come with a camera to capture photos and videos. Before buying a quadcopter, you will have to ensure that it has durable flight time, easy control, and camera. All these features can boost the experience of your kids.

best quadcopters for kids

Swim Noodles

Nothing can offer more relaxation in a hot summer than swimming. You will find different types of the pliable pool noodles that can make your kid more imaginative. They will use their ‘noodles’ to make these colorful noodles into different types of fun creations. They can build tables, forts, basketballs, and many other craft projects for in and out of the pool by using their creative minds. You can see the satisfaction on their faces. You can use these toys both in the private and public swimming pools. They will be able to create new friends and to share their innovation.

Flying Kites

Kids like the flying kites. In fact, they will insist you buy all the things to make a colorful kite for them. They can make a kite as well. Kids learn fast and they can truly set examples. You can buy the kites of their favourite colours to enjoy their outdoor adventure more. But make sure that the kites are tough, durable, and able to withstand normal wear and tear, there is nothing sadder than a kite that breaks on the first go around! You can take them to the park and to an open area to enjoy the activities more. If you live near a beach the wind coming in off the ocean is often great for flying kites in.


If they are old enough you can also buy a scooter for your kid to enjoy the summer more. Foldable three-wheeler scooters are available for the five years and above. These are foot-push operated and your kid will love riding them. It will be safe and your kid will enjoy it a lot after some practice. These are lightweight and come with adjustable handlebars to make a perfect choice for younger kids that are still growing.

Backyard swimming pool

All of your family members will love this. It can offer a lot of fun and entertainment for the whole family. The pool can be the best play area for your kid and a relaxing way to cool off for the adults. All you need to do is to buy a pool frame and then you can use liner, skimmer, ground cloth, and cover to make a complete pool. You should be able to find these at your local hardware store.

Before choosing any summer toy, talk to your kids and see what might get them playing outdoors!