Apps For Your Kids

Smartphones and Tablets are fast-becoming the screen that most children spend their time in front of. More than the family computer, and even more than the television. In fact, schools across the world have been replacing expensive textbooks with tablets that can hold thousand times more information than any one book.

It is the way the next generation will learn about the world.

Whether you’re looking for apps to help you child learn, or want to kid-proof your tablet or smartphone, these are the best apps for your kids:

1. McGruff SafeGuard Browser

There are a few kid-friendly browsers with easy to use parental controls. But McGruff actually has different parental controls based on the age of the children. So if you can have different settings on your 14 year old’s tablet compared to your 6-year old. There is also an adult version for yourself with no filters for when you are using the browser.

2. Pocket Frog

This is a free game that your kid will obsess for hours over. You can breed new and different types of amphibians with this game. She or he can trade amphibians with their friends, and there are over 60 rewards along the way for your kid to work towards.

3. Amazing Coloring Studio

Every parent has had that terror-inducing moment where they come into a room to discover the walls have been covered in crayon/paints. With with Coloring studio, you can encourage your kid’s artistic talents without the time-consuming clean up job afterwards.

4. Lego Duplo Train

The success of the Lego movie further solidified an undeniable fact about kids: they love Lego. And kids love trains. This app is basically perfect. Your kid will drive the Duplo train from station to station. They will also develop problem-solving skills as you decide what loads the train can take on, refuelling and building new tracks across tough terrain.

5. Math Monsters

The. Best. Math App. Ever.

We can’t say enough good things about Math Monsters. Your child plays a monster named Maxx. Maxx heads out on adventures, and to help him your child will use her or his math skills along the way. The engaging storyline makes this a cut above all math apps we have seen.

Also, there’s no in-app purchases, so you don’t have to worry about getting a nasty bill at the end of the month.