Do you like making crafts at home, but are unsure about how to convert your passion into a sustainable business? As it turns out, is one of the most profitable websites out there for selling crafts.

At first, we assumed that Etsy or Pinterest might be the best place, but if you sign up as an Amazon seller, you get the ability to put your product in front of millions of buyer-ready customers. You can even offer people an aliexpress promo code to purchase from your shop, further incentivizing customers to purchase from your store and not others.

Of course you shouldn’t turn your back on other selling platforms: they can all reach different audiences as well as making you more money.

Sell Your Homemade Crafts and Collectibles on Etsy

Etsy offers an e-commerce platform for creative people to sell homemade crafts and vintage items. Unfortunately, many people still use Amazon and eBay to sell those type of products. This is because they mistakenly believe that their products will sell better on larger e-commerce sites. Unlike Amazon and eBay, Etsy offers buyers a different feel – kind of like an online craft mall. Sellers get to customize their own storefronts, which makes the site unique. Therefore, Etsy is better suited for selling homemade and vintage items.

When you open an Etsy store, you get to customize your storefront. The site offers innovative features to help sellers come up with their own storefront designs. This will give your store a unique feel and a chance for you to stand out from other sellers. You need to design something creative that promotes your products. For example, say you want to sell old record albums. You could create a store with an oldies look and feel to promote your music for sale. The key is to create a unique storefront that buyers associate with your items.

There are no monthly fees to open an Etsy store; however, you must pay a small fee for each item listed for sale. Items get listed for four months before you have to re-list them. Also, you pay a small commission on every sale. Finally, you pay a small transaction fee for collecting customer payments. The fees charged to sellers are very competitive compared to Amazon and eBay.

You can only sell certain types of items on Etsy. You can sell homemade items (like crafts, jewelry, etc), supplies used to make crafts, vintage items and certain manufactured products. However, you will need to research the types of manufactured products that Etsy allows. You can visit the site to find a detailed list of everything that people can sell.

Finally, once you open your store, you must stock it with merchandise to sell. This is where careful planning and research are important. If you plan on reselling vintage products, carefully research the items. You want to accurately state the exact condition of the items you are selling, because buyers will be very picky. Spend some time browsing Etsy stores that sell similar things. Take note of how much other sellers are pricing their products, so you will know how much you can get for something similar. You don’t want to lose money by paying too much for something you plan to resell. If you plan on selling crafts, you will have to research how much your supplies cost and how much your crafts will bring. This information will help your store be profitable.

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In short, Etsy attracts buyers that are looking for unique and creative things. Amazon and eBay are not the best sites to sell those type of products, because many of their buyers are bargain hunters. This means that your items might not fetch as high of a selling price. Also, since those sites offer such a vast product choice, it will be harder for your items to stand out to buyers. Therefore, opening an Etsy store offers you a good e-commerce platform to sell homemade products, craft supplies and vintage items.