The Best Apps for Parents

apps for parentsAnyone who thinks that parenting isn’t the hardest job in the world is clearly not a parent. But in the age of smartphones and tablets, there is real help on the way to make your job easier and better.

There are a few new tablets aimed specifically at budget-conscious parents. There’s the Amazon Fire Kids Edition, which comes with parental controls to keep objectionable content from your kids. But sometimes these built-in controls aren’t that good at telling what’s safe and what isn’t. The increasing ability for anyone, anywhere to create an app also makes for more uncertainty in the internet world.

In fact it’s easier than ever to make an iOS or Android app. As a result there is a huge variety of useful apps that can help you with parenting in ways that you never thought possible. Seriously. You can take a $10 course on Udemy, and then a $99 annual membership in the Apple developer program, and you have an app. The result? Lots of useful, creative apps to help with every nook and cranny of parenting.

And we’re not just talking about plunking your kids in front of a tablet to watch Netflix while you catch up on ZZZZZ’s.

Of course raising kids is difficult at any age, but kids of different ages require different skill sets. So we’ve split up the list based on the age range of kids. A potty training app isn’t necessary for a 12-year old (at least we hope not).

These are apps that will help you win at parenting kids at any age:

Kids – from infants to toddlers (0-4 years old):

1. Macys App

Every child is different, but there is one thing that’s guaranteed with children:

you’re going to need diapers. Lots of diapers.

The Macys app enables you to set up auto-delivery of diapers, so that each week or month you get a fresh supply of diapers without having the hassle of strapping your kid into the car and making a rushed-impromptu trip to the department store.

You can also start up a baby registry so that your friends and family can get you gifts that you actually like…that show up right to your door!

Since parenting is an expensive job, we a recommend that you take advantage of free coupon codes out there that’ll save you 10-30% off at This website usually has a nice updated list of valid promo codes:


2. Potty Charts

One of the absolutely-essential skills you can teach your child is to control his or her bowels. It can also be…difficult. This apps not only provides you advice on what to do and say at the beginning, middle and end of the potty training period, it also adds gamification into the mix. There are fun rewards built-in to the app so that your child will rush to tell you each time they successfully use the bathroom.


3. Baby Tracker

Of course you can set up auto-shipping of diapers, but how much do you need? This Baby Tracker keeps track of all your daily baby care-taking habits. You can log when you breastfeed, change diapers, feedings, and sleeping habits. It also syncs your data across all devices, and has a place for you to take pictures and log exciting “firsts” along the way for you to share and celebrate later.


Kids 4-10:

1. Family Matters

One downside of technology is that each member of their family can isolate themselves, even when they’re in the same room. Family Matters is an app that gives you questions to ask each other when at the dinner table to break down those walls and built communication. It’s so much easier to be a parent when you know what’s going on in your child’s life and you find a way to communicate with each other.


2.Bank of Mom

This is allowance in the new age. The Bank of Mom app lets you set up bank accounts for your kids. It can teach them responsible spending while also allowing you to track where and how they are spending.